Better Self Esteem Hypnosis Audio Program

Eliminate Negative Self-Talk and Create a Flow of Confident Thoughts and Patterns Within Yourself

This audio program helps you gain confidence and self esteem by subconsciously creating a new healthy image of yourself, new beliefs and new patterns that replace unconfident, unhealthy, even destructive thought images and patterns of the old you.

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Each program includes 3 hypnosis sessions (7, 21, 40 minutes)

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Audios uses high-interval hypnosis technology

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Created by a 20-year veteran certified hypnotherapist

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Eliminate Negative Self-Talk and Create a Flow of Confident Thoughts and Patterns Within Yourself.

If you have ever heard this statement "it's all in your head", well as much as we may not like hearing those words, they may be correct. Suffering from low self esteem or a lack of confidence can lead to unhappiness, insecurity, depression and even unwanted addictions to hide the pain. The good news is that you’re not alone. Correcting these feelings is as simple as changing the stories you tell yourself or adjusting your internal chatter or self-talk.

Here is why. Self-esteem or self-worth is a person's self-image at an emotional level. So intellectually you may want to be more confident, but it is your subconscious programming that is stopping you from doing it. The only way to gain confidence and self esteem is to create a new healthy image, beliefs and patterns to replace the lack of confident, unhealthy, even destructive thought images and patterns of the old you.

Why Do Most Self-Esteem Solutions Never Work?

Most people who use therapy or medications have had frustrating experiences. While these might be temporary solutions, they do not address the issue at your core level and that issue is the way your subconscious is programmed to react to situations either with confidence or lack of confidence based on all your life experiences, good and bad, stored in your mind.

The only way to address that is to change the image or “snap shot” of yourself at the subconscious level from someone who experiences a lack of confidence in life situations to the image of a person who has confidence in themselves in these situations automatically.

Life is constantly dealing us these situations whether we want it to or not. However we do have a choice on how to automatically respond. Hypnosis interrupts those patterns and creates new healthy beliefs and patterns to replace the unhealthy, destructive thought patterns of the old you. The best part is you can start gaining control over your health in as little as 7 minutes a day.

High-Interval Hypnosis; A Safe, Effective, and Efficient Way to Change Your Habits

The result of over 500,000 client sessions, 12,000,000 affirmations and 20 years of hypnotherapy, 7 Minute Hypnosis™ uses a technique called High-Interval Hypnosis. It is designed to rewire your brain to attract healthier behaviors and habits in a much faster time than a traditional hypnosis session. In as little as 7 minutes a day you can start creating healthy new habits and patterns designed to restore your brain - and improve your life.


Better Self Esteem Hypnosis

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