Biggest Problems with Hypnosis—It Took Me 20 Years to Figure Out

by Mark Patrick

So after 21 years...

500,000 client sessions...


12,000,000 affirmations.

Here is what I finally figured out: the two major obstacles my clients face when it comes to trying to change their self-sabotaging habits and behaviors.

#1. Obstacle – habits take time to create and time to replace with a new better habits.

That’s right!

While hypnosis is considered the fastest route to creating new habits.

Well almost…

…besides a life changing epiphany moment (like a heart attack for stop smoking).

A traditional hypnosis session requires more time and more effort by the individual. A typical hypnosis session can go from 30-60 minutes. And you have a 20-minute induction or relaxation part before you ever get to the actual suggestions. Then you are limited to about 30 or so suggestions.

#2. Obstacle – you need to relax and be free of distractions.

Today that is not as easy as it once was. While technology helps, it also creates more distractions than ever.

That being said, we have shorter attention spans than ever.

So, after scratching my head and figuring out how to handle this, here is what I discovered.

A program needs to cover the following.

  • It needs to be able to work while you are in a conscious or beta state.
  • It needs to work with little or no focus.
  • It needs to collapse time frames (meaning you get more done in less time).
  • In order for this to happen, you need to be able to program your subconscious while doing other tasking or living your life, it needs to be very short in duration and it needs to bombard both the left and right side (both the analytical and creative sides) of your brain at the same time for maximum benefit for all types of personalities. That is where High Interval Hypnosis comes in.

Let me explain how it works...

Maybe you are familiar with a form of exercise called High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short. Basically, you do short bursts of intense workout followed by rest. By doing this, you trick your body into a fat burning metabolic state.

As a matter fact, there was recently a study that said doing this type of workout was better than running 10 miles a day for weight loss. Anyway, the same principle is applied to High Interval Hypnosis.

Actually, if you really want to find out how it works, I put a video up on this page that explains it all...

Click here to find out more.

Your friend in fitness,
– Mark Patrick

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