Effortless Exercise Hypnosis Audio Program

Effortlessly Do Your Daily Exercise Routine and Attract Healthy Habits

This audio program creates new healthy beliefs and patterns in your subconscious mind. These patterns replace the unhealthy, unmotivated, destructive thought patterns of the old you, and help you get in a daily workout and live a healthier lifestyle.

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Each program includes 3 hypnosis sessions (7, 21, 40 minutes)

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Audios uses high-interval hypnosis technology

Includes bonus companion eBook and 8 meditation audios

Created by a 20-year veteran certified hypnotherapist

Instant access: listen on a computer, tablet and phone


Be Motivated & Excited to Effortlessly Get in a Healthy Workout

Are you one of those who steer away from working out or have told yourself you are too lazy to go to the gym? If you feel this way, the good news is you’re not alone. Let’s face it, if we exercise more...we would all be healthier! Exercising is very important, and you already know that! But the million dollar question is why you are not doing it.

It’s very simple. Intellectually, you already know what you should be doing to get in shape, but it is your subconscious programming that is stopping you from doing it. The only way to gain the motivation to exercise is to create new healthy beliefs and patterns to replace the unhealthy, unmotivated, even destructive thought patterns of the old you.

Why Do Most Exercise Solutions Never Work?

Every year, typically in January, millions of people commit to a healthier lifestyle. They join gyms, hire personal trainers, go on diets and take expensive supplements in the hopes to be healthier. The problem is less than 5% of them are successful. In a nut shell here is why. Most of these behaviors require you to make changes that go against your “Internal Image” or “Snap Shot” of yourself. Most likely that stored image is that of a person who lacks motivation and may even despise exercise.

This means you have to use willpower in order to be successful. The problem is willpower is a conscious behavior and requires massive effort. 7 Minute Hypnosis creates a new healthy image of yourself deep in your subconscious. Once you have a healthy image, you will attract habits automatically without any effort on your part.

High-Interval Hypnosis; A Safe, Effective, and Efficient Way to Change Your Habits

The result of over 500,000 client sessions, 12,000,000 affirmations and 20 years of hypnotherapy, 7 Minute Hypnosis™ uses a technique called High-Interval Hypnosis. It is designed to rewire your brain to attract healthier behaviors and habits in a much faster time than a traditional hypnosis session. In as little as 7 minutes a day you can start creating healthy new habits and patterns designed to restore your brain - and improve your life.


Effortless Exercise Hypnosis

This audio program includes:

1 - 7 Minute Session

1 - 21 Minute Session

1 - 40 Minute Session

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7 Minute Habits eBook

8 Meditation Music Programs


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