How The Programs Work

The Institute Of Hypnosis Research Official 7 Minute Hypnosis Program

The Hypnosis Programs That Help Change Habits In As Little As 7 Minutes A Day. That’s right! The Institute Of Hypnosis Research Official 7 Minute Hypnosis™ Sessions.

In as little as 7 minutes a day you can start gaining control over your habits and behaviors. It is the fastest, easiest, science-based way to get hypnotized anywhere, anytime.


Let The Hypnosis Do The Work For You

Most behavior changes never last because they require you to use willpower. The problem with willpower is that it is a conscious behavior and requires massive effort.

To see permanent change on the outside, you must first create change of belief on the inside. 7 Minute Hypnosis™ creates a new healthy image of yourself deep in your subconscious.

Once you have a healthy image on the inside, you will automatically attract habits without any effort on your part.


The Power of Suggestion

With 7 Minute Hypnosis™ there are so many overlapping suggestions at one time, some communicating to the left (analytical) side of the brain and some to the right (creative) side of the brain.

Not only that, but some suggestions are in the 3rd person narrative (hypnotist) and some are in the 1st person narrative (you).

The combination of all these techniques overloads the conscious, critical part of the brain the same way a typical lengthy hypnosis session would.


Use It With Your Eyes Open

7 Minute Hypnosis™ works best when you are listening to it while doing something else like reading, working on the computer, going for a walk or just living your life.

This is why it has literally revolutionized the way we approach behavior modification in today’s crazy, busy times.


High-Interval Hypnosis; A Safe, Effective, and Efficient Way to Change Your Habits

The result of over 500,000 client sessions, 12,000,000 affirmations and 20 years of hypnotherapy, 7 Minute Hypnosis™ uses a technique called High-Interval Hypnosis.

It rewires your brain to attract healthier behaviors and habits in a much faster time than a traditional hypnosis session.