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Lose Weight

Enjoy healthier foods, attract better habits and create a better image of yourself.

Stop Smoking

See yourself as a non-smoker and finally eliminate the desire to smoke.

Better Sleep

Create a “zen like” mindset, sleep deeper and feel better rested.

Stop Chewing Tobacco

Eliminate the desire to use chew or dip once and for all.

End Anxiety

Create a "zen-like" mindset to stop anxiety from interfering with your life.

Attract Wealth & Prosperity

Get on the path to success, money and fulfillment.

Effortless Exercise

Enjoy the benefits of exercise and having a better image of yourself.

Eat Healthy

Crave better foods, eliminate unhealthy ones and attract a healthier image.

Better Self Esteem

Eliminate negative self talk and create a flow of confident thoughts and patterns.

Attract Love

Love yourself and attract someone caring in your life.

Relieve Depression

Change your mindset and attract a happier, more fulfilling life.

Pain Relief

Stop pain from holding you back and feel physically better than ever.

Phobia Relief

Use hypnosis to help deal with your fears and phobias.

Better Multitasker

Learn how to do multiple tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

End Procrastination

Create a follow through mindset and eliminate procrastination.

Be Motivated

Feel motivated and have a better image of yourself.

Controlled Drinking

Not ready to stop, but need to get your drinking under control.

Creative Thinker

Create a “zen like” mindset and attract ingenious concepts & ideas automatically.